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Production Designer for Fifty Shades Darker and Freed, Nelson Coates, brought more of his talent to the new movie Crazy Rich Asians. When I chatted with him at the Fifty Shades Freed screening event in LA in February he shared about his work on the movie and how it was so much fun for him to work on. Now seeing the first trailer I can understand his enthusiasm for the film. It looks to be fast, bright and over the top in every way possible. The actors in the movie are all asian and it was filmed in Singapore. The huge party scene and wedding look to be spectacular in the trailer. I can not wait to see this whole movie coming in August.

Update August 2018:

Wow what a movie. I went to the theater with great expectations and was blown away by the sights and sounds of the movie. Its a great love connection with lots of family and chaos thrown in along the way. I forgot about the Audi R8 in the movie, but when I heard the roar I knew it was coming on the screen. The party and wedding scenes were spectacualar with so much happening you had to keep a close eye to catch it all. The “walking on water” for the wedding was done in a way that it was the most unique part of the movie. Forget the dress, she was literally walking thru water to get to her man. There is already talks of a sequel and I do hope Nelson Coates will be on board that one as well. Get out to see Crazy Rich Asians while its in theaters.



One thing he didnt mention was that there is a RED Audi R8 in the movie. I could hear the roar in the trailer.

Is there a little “Christian Grey” in this movie?

Yes there is for sure. How many scenes do we see him taking off his shirt?














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