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Fifty Shades Freed productions spent 2 days filming the wedding and reception for the movie. They also spent a few days before the filming setting up the location at Riverway Golf Course. It is a public course so it remained open during the whole week. They filmed at the course May 17 and 18, 2016. I was able to visit the golf course a couple of days ahead of the filming and see a little of the set up with the 2 Audi Q7 in the parking lot. On the actual filming days they brought in extra security to keep people out of the main building although the golf course remained open to golfers. There were only a couple of other fans and photographers who came and left. For the duration of the two days there was just myself and two other fans and we were able to observe from the small café that was adjacent to the main building. I actually ended up keeping a notebook to write information in because I constantly had eyes on me for the two days.

The two other fans with me, Nikki and KC from Vancouver BC, were able to move about the property more freely and were able to take some photos of the filming days. We were able to see a lot of the actors, including Jamie and Dakota, as they came out a side door for some fresh air and snacks.

Jamie came out for about an hour in his tuxedo and bow tie and talked to other actors including Hugh Dancy. He took off his jacket and walked around the area close to the building and even practiced a few golf swings. Sorry no silver tie in sight.

Dakota was also outside in our view wearing a white robe with her hair up in the back with a shiny barrette. She also talked with Jamie while outside. One of the security people shared with us that her dress was all lace, elegant with a long veil. It proved to be correct as we see it in the trailer. You can read more about her dress here.

Other actors who we saw were Hugh Dancy in a navy suit and Arielle in a light green dress with a caplet over her shoulders. At one time Arielle was with Andrew Airlie and Marcia Gay Harden while they chatted and took photos together. Marcia was wearing a cream color dress with a jacket. Robinne Lee had on a black pantsuit with a long jacket. We did see some of the other actors leaving in a van including Rita Ora in a red dress. Victor Rasuk was also spotted wearing a gray suit. Luke Grimes was wearing a black tuxedo and bow tie like Jamie.

Fifty Shades Freed Wedding Details:
When we arrived the first day I spotted buckets of off-white blush colored roses going into the building. We also saw a large wall piece covered in roses being carried in which now appears in the Fifty Shades Freed trailer behind Christian and Ana during the ceremony. I believe they filmed the wedding and reception on separate days. The main actors were brought to the location by vans from a nearby “circus” of trailers and trucks set up at a parking lot.

There was also a tent set up at the entry drive to the golf course for the over 200 extras used for the two days. They were definitely dressed in their wedding clothes. There were also 2 large flower arrangements hanging on the pillars at the outside front entrance to the building. When we arrived we learned that they had filmed a “going away” scene with Jamie and Dakota earlier in the morning at the front entrance where she was able to toss her bouquet upon leaving. The two Audi Q7 were in the parking lot along with several expensive cars used in the filming.

Inside the large building they transformed the space into an elegant white venue for the wedding and reception. This included lots of shiny jewels, flowers and even fake trees. We caught sight of these fake tall trees waiting to go inside and they had separate attachable limbs. The original plan had been to film the wedding outside behind the building overlooking the golf course, but they decided to bring it indoors. I was told later that they wanted to have the view of looking out behind the Grey mansion estate and that this was perfect with the golf course behind the building. We were told they wanted to keep the filming space locked up and secure from the photographers.

At the end of second day we were sitting out front of the café and chatting with one of the security guys when I noticed he was distracted and watching behind me. I knew someone was coming over to the café. Sure enough I turned and Dakota was walking over with another person. We just kept on talking and she walked right next to us into the café. We knew she would be coming back out so we stayed there seated. When she came back out we said Hi to her and she walked by and said Hi back. She was always so nice to the fans.

I was able to return to the golf course several months later and learned more information about the wedding from their event planner. She told me that they had draped white fabrics across the ceiling beams so it looked like the ceiling was lower and all white. They did use several walls of flowers and other white draping to cover the windows across the back. They used the round tables and covered them with elegant table décor. The fake trees we had seen at the filming were placed between the tables throughout the space. They also hung several beautiful chandeliers above the tables. For a typical wedding/reception at Riverway Golf Course the cost is about $100. per person. The day I visited it was set up for a wedding that evening. Since the filming for Fifty Shades Freed they have replaced the carpet in the building.

It really was exciting to be able to see all the filming and what was done for the wedding. We knew it would be an experience we would never forget. After the first day of filming we decided it would be fun to bring something to the wedding cast/crew from fans. On the next day we brought back a large box of over 100 Lindt chocolate truffles. They were put out on the food table for everyone to enjoy.





These huge flower arrangements were hanging on the pillars in front of the entrance for the filming with them leaving after the wedding.

These are the chairs and the large fake trees. You can see the tall trunk of the tree with places to insert branches. Also more flowers hanging on the pillars.

This is a photo that Andrew Airlie shared for Marcias birthday. We were opposite them for photos and you can spot us in the background right.

Andrew, Marcia and Arielle.


Andrew and Marcia on the bench.

This was the side entrance where the cast and crew were in and out. We also spotted Jennifer Ehle coming out. This was where we saw Jamie and Dakota walking around.

The back of the building was lit up with the big lights on the back windows. If you look closely you can see white draping fabric inside covering the windows.

The two Q7 were ready to go.

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