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Fifty Shades of Grey… Books or Movies First

For the last several years the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy of books has dominated the best seller book lists worldwide. It was no surprise that when Universal released the first movie the fans of the books and other “Curious” people were lining up to see the first of three movies. As with other books to movies there is always the question of which to do first: Read the books or see the movies? For myself with the Twilight books/movies I actually saw the first movie before I then devoured all the books and caught up fast before seeing New Moon. With Fifty Shades of Grey I caught onto the book reading craze and read all the books before seeing the first movie.

I truly think that reading the books first helps a lot with filling in the details when watching the movies. There are several times in the Fifty Shades movies that a subtle reference is made between Christian and Ana that is lost to the movie fan if they have not read the books first. The Fifty Shades trilogy of books shares the love story of Ana and Christian in a way that brought in millions of readers. Those readers were obsessed with the details of Christian Grey’s lifestyle and how he brings Ana into his life. I think the Fifty Shades production team did a great job of bringing the books to life on the big screen. There are so many scenes and quotes that are straight from the books that a Fifty Shades fan had to leave the theater very happy. The whole look of the movies makes you believe you are really in Seattle Washington, even though all the filming was done in Vancouver BC. All the time spent on location details is incredible and adds so much to the movies.

On the flip side of the debate there are many scenes from the books which were left out or changed around which can also make for a frustrated movie watcher who read all the books first. The Fifty Shades books share a connection between Ana and Christian which I think was hard to bring to the big screen, regardless of the actors playing the roles. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson were amazing as Christian and Ana and will forever be identified with their roles. Whenever reading the books you will see them in your eyes as Christian and Ana and I think it’s the same with the other actors who portrayed the book characters. Going to the theater and watching the movies without the book experience first lets you relax and take in the love story as portrayed by the Fifty Shades production team. I think the movies add a lot to the whole Fifty experience with putting a picture in your mind of all the locations and characters that help make it such a richer story.

After reading all the books fans were ready to take Fifty Shades to the next level with watching the movies. Reading the books is a very different experience than watching the movies. The books are very rich with details about their love story. The movies are all visual and bring the books to life. All the fans will always have their own memories of the first time they met Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. Now we also have the memories of the first time seeing them on the big screen. What an amazing experience it was seeing Christian and Ana for the first time and then seeing their love story unfold before our eyes.

I think it’s a personal answer to the question Books or Movie first. I think it’s the best when you can be lucky and have both and they can add to each other’s experience.

So, what is after Fifty Shades? I think everyone is thinking that same thing, including E. L. James herself. Her books Grey and Darker (From Christians Point of View) have proved to add so much to the love story and bring more of Christian into our lives. Both books answered a lot of questions about Christian’s life and his own emotional roller coaster.

I don’t think there can be another book and then movies that would impact so many fans. The love for Christian and Ana will continue through the millions of fans worldwide as will the love for E. L. James.


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