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Fifty Shades of Grey and Twilight

Did you say Twilight? As you all know Fifty Shades of Grey began as fan fiction written by E. L James and first appeared on the internet. After reading the Fifty books I read several articles comparing the Twilight story to Fifty Shades and saw that it did seem so similar. There are lots of people who made direct connections of the stories, characters and locations from the two book series. There are also some who say they don’t see any connections at all. I have to say that the BDSM lifestyle threw me at first, but now I understand it as part of Christians lifestyle he chooses to overcome for Ana. Similar as Edward being a Vampire is difficult to deal with in order to be with Bella. They both have to make changes and compromises in their lives in order to belong to the ones they love.

After seeing the Fifty Shades of Grey movie a few times I too recognized several direct connections to the Twilight Series Movies. I am sharing my list here and know that it is not complete and open to interpretation.

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-The first thing I noticed was the opening titles in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie and how similar it felt to the opening of Breaking Dawn 2.

-There are two direct quotes in FSOG from the first Twilight movie and Eclipse:
“I’m incapable of leaving you alone” “Then don’t”
“Let’s take a walk”

-The first sexual experiences of Bella and Ana have a similar look and feel to them. Bella’s on her honeymoon with Edward breaking the headboard. Then Ana at Escala with Christian over her.

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-Lip biting with Bella and Ana happens in both FSOG and the Twilight movies and books.

-Forehead Kisses in both movies and books. They are so sweet.

-Both stories have a “surprise” pregnancy.

-Bella/Ana start out in “menswear” plaid shirts and move into more feminine clothing as the movies progress. Same with the books.

-Both girls are very protective of their original automobiles. Ana with Wanda her classic VW bug and Bella with her old truck. Both woman eventually go on to using more reliable cars from Edward/Christian.

-The Twilight books take place in Forks and Seattle Washington. FSOG books start in Portland, Oregon and then settle in Seattle, Washington.

-The FSOG movie was filmed completely in Vancouver BC and at North Shore Studios. The first Twilight movie was done in Oregon/Washington. The production then moved to Vancouver BC and the surrounding areas. They also used North Shore Studios for filming.

-Stanley Park was used for FSOG filming with Ana/Christian. The park was also used for several scenes of Breaking Dawn 1/2. The park definitely has that Twilight feel to it with the huge trees and ferns. The pathway to Beaver Lake is through the beautiful wooded area of the park and very similar to Twilight.

-Both FSOG and Twilight Eclipse included a graduation scene with the families present.

-FSOG used the Fairmont Vancouver Lt. Governors Suite as the Suite at the Portland Heathman. This same Suite was used for a scene in Twilight Eclipse with the Rosalie flashback.

-Let’s talk characters:
The moms:
-Bellas mom lives away in a warm climate, Florida.
-Ana’s mom lives in Savannah, Georgia – also warm.
-The two moms have a similar carefree, bohemian temperament. Both moms are into their current life with their husbands and frequently leave the girls to their own.
-Both Ana/Bella live with their dad or stepdad. Both these men are a big part of their life.
-Both moms miss graduations.

Carrick-Carlisle – Looks are even similar. Head of the families.
Jose-Jacob – The girls protector.
Grace-Esme – The mom figure for the men.

-Both Christian and Edward do not have true parents in the stories. Cullens/Greys Families are very similar in make up. Lifestyles are similar.

-Ana/Bella both raised in NW cities. Forks and Montesano.

-There are two music artists that are included on the soundtracks for both FSOG and Twilight movies.
Sia – has My Love on Twilight Eclipse and also has Salted Wound on FSOG.
Ellie Goulding – has Bittersweet on Breaking Dawn 2. She also has Let Me Love You Like You Do on FSOG.

The big difference is that Edward and the Cullens are vampires. Rich, modern and well dressed vampires who can travel the world and live any lifestyle they chose. The Greys are settled in Seattle, Washington. They also live a wealthy lifestyle but without the need for blood.

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