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Hey today I woke up to SUNNY SKIES! Ok so the rain and clouds here are getting a bit old already after a week. The cold is still here with highs around 45′. Doesnt seem so bad until your standing outside for 3-4 hours. I give so much credit to the crew and security people who are working on the Darker/Freed production. They are out there every day starting 5 am and going till 6pm or later in this cold, rain and some wind. These people on the sidewalks are the ones who are keeping the shuttle vans running throughout the day to shuttle the crew and cast to the base camp. They work hard on all those outside lights that are running all day and the huge filtering screen set up on the front of the building. They are constantly monitoring the movement of all the cast including the extras and Dakota. The PA’s seem to be ready to help with anyone’s needs like taking costume pieces and other papers to whoever needs them. I learned today there is up to 200 people involved with the production of the movies. There is also the crew of people that were hired to have food and drinks continually available for everyone at all times. I believe the crew/cast is not taking a “break” for lunch time. They just grab it while they can.

The security is visible all around the location area and I for one am thankful for that. The current filming location is not in the safest of areas. I have been warned more than once not to venture into the back alleys behind the buildings. The production had to send in people to clean out the alley area before they could be used for their needs. They have security people monitoring the alleys at all times.

As the filming locations move around for the filming the security and crews needs will change and accommodate to the new situations. If you plan on visiting the filming locations, please be respectful of the crew and their needs in the area. They will treat you respectfully as a fan as well.

Today was a great day to be around the filming location. There were several extras arriving and leaving throughout the day. I was able to get a good look at “Sawyer” Brant Daugherty twice during the day. He was wearing a suit and tie both times and ok, smoking hot. Towards the end of the day everyone was on their way leaving the location. I noticed the actress Ashley LaThrop leaving. I was able to spot on the sidewalk several woman leaving including the stand in or doubles for Dakota. One of them is the same girl they used for the first movie. Dakota was moved to her trailer to change and then leave surrounded by the umbrellas to keep private. While I stood on the sidewalk, next I noticed several woman come out including E. L. James. I said Hi to her and thanked her for the set photo she put out today. She turned and said Hello and your welcome. She was alone today with no Niall with her. She got into one of the SUV’s and was gone.

At the very end of the day the door opened and out came director James Foley, followed by Cinematographer John Schwartzman and 2 other gentlemen. They quickly hopped on the transport vans and were off.

(A stand-in for film and television is a person who substitutes for the actor before filming, for technical purposes such as lighting and camera setup. Stand-ins are helpful in the initial processes of film and television production.) Thanks Wikipedia

I am still fascinated by the 1/2 done trees and snapped a few more photos in the sun today. There is more about the trees here. 

More of filming at SIP Interiors and exteriors can be seen here.

Here’s a few photos from the day at the SIP Location:










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