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The reshoots for FSOG started on Monday, October 13. They ended up filming at three different locations that day. The second location was at Bentall Tower 3. It was located just around the corner from the first location and across the street form Bentall Tower 5 which was used for filming exteriors of Grey House CG office building. The crew took off from the first location and started carrying all the equipment to this new location and had it all quickly set up. I walked along with them to see where they would end up. I was surprised that they were so close to Bentall Tower 5. At first I thought they were going to film there as Grey House. The look of the two buildings was quite similar and they both had stairs leading up to the entrance of the building.

There were several parked cars on this narrow street and they would take off driving just as the filming started. They continually were moving the cars around on the street. The Audi stayed in place the whole time and never did move. This filming once again included just Jamie. He had left the first location quickly and soon returned here in a new suit and tie. The production crew was set up on the sidewalk at the bottom of the stairs in front of the building. They once again were using the long camera that could be moved right in close up ahead of Jamie walking.

The first thing I noticed on the street was his Audi car. It was shiny and ready for the camera. I was puzzled though by an actor that I thought at first was Max Martini. It proved that it was not him but he sure looked similar. He was included in the filming as Taylor. They brought in a water truck to wet down the street out to the sidewalk. We were located just across the street from the car and the steps leading up to the entrance. At first I thought Jamie would be coming out of the building, but he didn’t. He came walking through a open area between the buildings, walked down the stairs and got into his car. It seemed right off that this was a more serious Christian Grey. No smiles for this scene. We was joined on either side by two other men dressed in suits. At one point it did seem like a sea of GRAY on the steps.

The director Sam Taylor Johnson, E. L. James, Dana Brunetti and Mark Bridges were all located to the right of the steps and were watching the filming closely. Jamie seemed to have this recurring problem with his suit pants.  It seemed that after every take he would have his pants legs clinging to his leg. He would come out of the car and head up the stairs needing help straightening out his pants legs every time. There was a woman who must have been in charge of this as she was there to help as needed, often laughing with him about it. His suit fit him to perfection with a slim cut.

After watching him filming this several times I really noticed that he was very serious and would look to his right just before sliding into the car. He was so graceful that it really looked like he was sliding into the back seat.  More to come…..

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This is with Jamies stand in.










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