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After completing the filming of the first scene they continued with setting up and rehearsing the scene with Jamie and Dakota on the sidewalk in front of the salon. Jamie came out to where Dakota was standing and they seemed to have a long  tense conversation. Dakota did the rehearsal of this with her coat off and wearing a blue sweater and skinny jeans. They did film this from several different camera angles.

It was seen during a few of the filming takes that Jamie would lean over like he was going to pick up Dakota, but he never did. After this Dakota would put out her hands and start to walk away. Because of the bright sign during filming several screens were put up to filter the light. The water trucks continued throughout the day to come by and spray down the street and sidewalk.  At one time when Jamie came out the salon door he did a quick twirl while walking on the sidewalk, so cute

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DSCN9144 DSCN9143 DSCN9142 DSCN9141 DSCN9139 DSCN9129 DSCN9128 DSCN9086 DSCN9085 DSCN9081 DSCN9076 DSCN9075 DSCN9074 DSCN9073 DSCN9057 DSCN9047 DSCN9044 DSCN9036 DSCN9032 DSCN9021 DSCN9020 DSCN9012 DSCN9011

These are of the rehearsing:

DSCN8991 DSCN8988 DSCN8981 DSCN8980 DSCN8979 DSCN8975 DSCN8974 DSCN8971 DSCN8969 DSCN8968 DSCN8967 DSCN8960 DSCN8959

DSCN8950 DSCN8953


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