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The London Pub is located at 700 Main St. in Vancouver BC. It was recently used for filming with FS Darker for 2 different scenes from the book. The production crew arrived in the morning with their semi trucks of equipment that were parked a block down from the pub. They quickly went to work setting up the tents, cables and hauling in all the filming equipment. The pub has two entrances, one right on the corner and another just a few feet down the street.

The first scene included Jamie, Dakota and Eric Johnson as Jack. Dakota and Eric were inside the pub and Jamie started the scene outside on the corner and then walked into the restaurant. There were several very interesting extras who were walking on the sidewalk past the windows. The rain proved to be a little challenging to the extras and they started with umbrellas and then were soon without. The camera filming took place entirely inside the pub. There was no filming outside. I think the first scene was done with Jamie walking into the pub and the camera focused on the front door and him coming into the pub.  Then about 2 minutes later Jamie and Dakota came bursting out the front door. It was funny because they never did fully come outside but were always laughing when the door opened.  Jamie was often standing around outside on the corner talking to the crew, waiting to go inside.

After they finished this camera angle they seemed to switch it around so that the next part of the scene was being filming inside the pub but facing the opposite direction towards the inside area. When this scene was complete actors Eloise Mumford, Victor Rasuk and Luke Grimes arrived to film another scene. I believe this scene took place in the other side of the restaurant. The crew had been prepping the outside lighting so that it had a different look to it. I was not there at the time.

I was told the inside of the pub was very lovely with old brick arches. Here is more from their website:

The historic London Pub was established in 1903. This neighbourhood pub, which is nestled in Chinatown on the edge of Strathcona at the corner of Main and E Georgia, was constructed during Vancouver’s pre-World War I building boom. London Pub, with its exposed brick arches, floor to ceiling heritage windows, creative draught beer line and inviting Pub atmosphere makes this one one of the most unique Heritage Pubs in the city. The location of the London Pub is just part of a collective effort at rejuvenating the Main-Street-South-of-Chinatown area.

UPDATE: The London Pub was renamed Lori’s for the filming with FS Darker. It was used as this name for the filming of the bar “Fifties” from FS Darker where Ana goes out with Jack and friends after working at SIP. Christian later meets her there and they leave together.

You can see inside the pub and read more here.


















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