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Filming of FS Darker/Freed included new 2017 Audi vehicles for Christian Grey and his security team. They brought in brand new Audi 2017 models of the R8 and the Q7. They were seen filming at several locations over the many months of filming.

Audi of Richmond provided local support for the Audi vehicles.  All of the Audi vehicles were stored in a garage under tight security near North Shore Studios by the production team during the duration of the filming.  Both the R8 were covered with a “skin” to provide the closest color to Daytona Grey. The FS movie car guy told me that it was maybe a tad lighter than the R8 from the first Fifty Shades movie.

Thank you to Audi of Richmond for providing this information:

None of the vehicles that were driven came from a dealer, they were supplied from Audi Canada.  We were the store that provided the support for the vehicles in regards to parts and service.  If there were vehicles that were required for static displays, we did supply those vehicles.

I did not realize that they had use of two R8 in Vancouver until I saw them in Seattle and then again on the last day of filming at the parking lot at Pacific Blvd.  At the time of filming there were only 4 Audi R8 in North America. I was told that there was never a white R8 for filming. They used the R8 at Cecil Green House, North Vancouver Cemetery, Alexander Street at SIP, driving Pacific Blvd., and Ana drove it leaving the parking garage at the Anvil Center. Ana also arrived at the Seattle Nations Bank with the R8 out front. The also used the two R8 extensively for several days driving in downtown Seattle with a stunt driver. They also did several scenes with the R8 in studio. The had a new Audi R8 coupe rather than the spyder used for the first movie. You can read specifics about the R8 at this website. 

The new 2017 Audi R8 was used at several locations. Here are a few of the places it was driven:

Both the Q7 and R8 were used at Cecil Greene at UBC.  Here is the CGQ7 leaving Cecil Greene at UBC along with the R8. Both were used for filming at the mansion as Christian and Ana’s mansion.



The R8 was at the North Vancouver Cemetery getting set up for filming on the roads in the surrounding area. There was a stunt man on hand for the driving.




My first look at the 2 new 2017 Audi R8 on the last day of filming at the parking lot along Pacific Blvd. :



The R8 was also used on Alexander St. June 20th in front of SIP:



They filmed for about a week in Seattle with the R8 at several locations including on the Alaskan Viaduct Hwy. and around Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle.:




For most of the filming there was one Q7 on set. The license plates changed from SRQ to CGQ depending on who was using it. They also changed out the wheels several times. I was told that the first Q7 used had wheels that didn’t film very well so they changed the wheels two more times until they had ones they liked. The Fifty Shades movie car guy told me that they can go back and digitally make them all the same for the movies.

Here are photos of the new 2017 Q7 used for the movies:

This is March 4th in front of Anas apartment with Christian Greys Q7 license CGQ 1138 and note the wheels as they change at later date.


Here it is once again in front of SIP for filming just few days apart.



They used 3 of the Q7 vehicles at Casa Mia while filming Grey Mansion and the Masquerade Ball. They used three Audi Q7 the night they filmed at Casa Mia as the Grey Mansion Masquerade Ball. The three Q7 drove through the entrance gates into the mansion. Two were for SRQ security and the center one was with CGQ Christian and Ana.

Here is Christians Q7 with slightly different wheels than before.



These 2 Q7 were used for security drivers when filming that night. Both had SRQ plates.


They filmed that night using the 3 Q7. The center one had the CGQ plates:


Here is the last time I saw the SRQ 7 during one of the last days filming on Alexander Street at SIP for FS FREED.



Both of the SRQ security Q7 were used at the Riverway Golf Club for filming the FS FREED Wedding:


Thank you to Audi of Richmond for their information and help with the Audi details.


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