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The filming at the shipyards went on for two days. During some of this time we were able to cross to the other side of the river and see some of the filming that was taking place inside the largest of the buildings on the property.  This is where they filmed the kidnapping with Liz, Jack and Ana from the FS Freed book. You can now see in the first FS Freed teaser where Ana is laying on the ground and shoots at Jack Hyde. This was filmed here. They had a lot of trucks, Seattle police cars and the navy blue SUV on the  property and at times inside the building. Several times we were able to see Dakota on set, along with her double. We also spotted Rita Ora, Eric Johnson, James Foley and E. L. James walking around at the set location. We also saw the police cars lights flashing at one point in the back of the building. They also had several tents set up next to the building on the property. Here’s a few more pics and videos from the days filming.

Part 1 of Filming is here.


You can see that Ana is wearing the same grey hoodie and jeans that Dakota was wearing on the days of filming.

Here is a new photo from the Fifty Shades Freed trailer showing Dakota in grey jacket, Rita in Red jacket, Amy in jacket and hat and Jack in his clothing.

I also spotted the chair that Rita is sitting in. Its the same blue chair seen in the pictures below. Even Dakota was sitting it when not filming.

This was our view from across the river. They trucks are all parked next to the very old shipyards building which they filmed in. Some of the photos are blurry but you can still get an idea of what they are filming and see some of the actors. You can also see the navy blue SUV parked at the back of the building.


You can spot the camera boom going towards the back of the building. You can also spot E. L. James in the plaid shirt watching the filming.

You can spot Dakota standing to the far left in these photos.

This has Dakota on the left and her double on the right.

Great photo of the camera aiming towards the back of the SUV. Far right a glimpse of Dakota or her double.

These photos caught Dakota on the far left and Eric Johnson (Jack Hyde) coming into the set on the far right.

Here is Dakota taking a phone break sitting the the bright blue metal chair.

That’s a Wrap on the filming with James Foley leaving for the day.

This is taken from the street side of the shipyards. We should see this with Elizabeth driving the navy blue SUV into this entrance.

Here are some new videos from the river side filming.

You can spot E. L. James in this one and also at the end you can see Rita Ora (Mia) or her double walking towards the back of the building.

This video is of the giant screen coming down at the end of the day.



During a recent trip to Vancouver BC I wanted to return to the shipyards and see if any changes had taken place. We were told during the filming in 2016 that they had wanted to develop the property but because it had been used with the shipping industry there were several bad chemicals in the soil. They had to do a lot of clearing of these chemicals and get several permits done before it could be developed.  There were several other new housing developments next to the shipyards along the river.

Upon my return I was quite surprised to see that the whole property had been COMPLETELY CLEARED.  The trees were gone and the ground was leveled out with added mounds of rock and dirt. My first view was from the river side and we could see clear through to the road we were standing on during the filming. There is now a new metal fence that surround the whole property.

I will add all my photos from the filming days onto my flickr page so you can seee more of the property as it was and as it will be seen in FS FREED.

This is how it looks today.

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