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I love watching Giuliana and Bill on E channel and was so surprised when this weeks episode mentioned the book Fifty Shades of Grey. Giuliana received a phone call from her friend  who just got her book published. When she asked about the book her friend referred to as “it’s kinda a little bit of a tamer version of fifty Shades”. She and Bill went on to host a book party for her at their restaurant in Chicago and included many of their friends. They read from parts of the book during the evening and it turned out to be very fun.  Giuliana and Bill are on Tuesdays on E Channel.  Mad Love is written by Colet Abedi and can be ordered at Amazon.

This from the E Channel Giuliana and Bill:

Giuliana receives a phone call from her friend Colet, who has some exciting news: her book is going to be published! Bill suggests that they throw a party in Chicago for the launch of her book, then Giuliana comes up with the idea that she and Bill can do a live reading at the party.

But Colet warns them that her book is a lot like Fifty Shades of Grey

Back in Chicago, Bill and Giuliana read an excerpt from Colet’s book. And it’s a lot racier than they thought…   Even Bill is blushing! How are they going to read it out loud in front of people?

It’s the day of the book launch party and Bill and Giuliana thank everyone for coming before they start the live reading.


G&B Recap, EP 613

When Bill asks Giuliana to describe what the book is about, she does her best to sum it up.

G&B Recap, EP 613

As they start reading, the audience is shocked but enthralled…

G&B Recap, EP 613

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