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This week on The Moment, Brian Koppelman talks to the newly announced director of Fifty Shades Darker, James Foley. He talks about his career and his new project Fifty Shades of Grey Darker. I took out the Fifty Shades comments below.

“Its always a matter of figuring out what matters to the story. It always a matter of managing the physical resources with the creative intent. That tension between the resources and creativity is I think at the heart of any film makers responsibility.”

Your going to go begin work on Fifty Shades?  “Yeah, exactly.”

Do you find yourself nervous at all? “I’m on my own in a sense and I love it. It’s what I want at this moment and I have found a comfortable relationship with the author of the books who’s a big cheese in the production of stuff. I like her. She’s a um british working class chic and what she has accomplished is creating something that resonates in Japan and in Madrid and the idea that there is a kind of communal sexual dynamic which is appreciated in across a lot of cultures. That’s what fascinates me the most. So, I’m very excited to create something which matches my own fantasies and ah fantasies of the fans in Madrid.

And I feel this enormous challenge because you got to be attentive to these fans but also say your own thing. Your own personal perspective on that stuff. And it’s interesting because its sexual so it becomes very personal, like you know, you gotta avail yourself your own sexual fantasies. But I’ve met with Dakota Johnson, the lady, and I’ve skyped with Jamie Dornan and I feel very simpatico. I feel like we’re onto an adventure that is going to transcend the first movie and become art and entertainment.”

His speaking about Darker begins after the 50 minutes mark.



You can follow James Foley on twitter @JamesFoleyJr

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When I first read and heard of James Foley and that he was at the top of the running for directing Fifty Shades Darker I became curious as to what else he has directed and what his background is. I soon found out that he has been directing for a long time and has a connection to team fifty with directing House of Cards. After listening to this podcast I came away more aware of the man he is and how he views his job as director. I think his insights will serve him well with directing Darker as it could prove to be a challenging endeavor to keep to the story and please the forces behind the production and the fans. He seems his own person with his vision of where he wants to take Christian and Ana and if that veers off course he’s fine with following that path. Hopefully next up he will be gathering his crew, making casting decisions and other preproduction work. I did note that in this conversation there was no talk of Fifty Shades Freed. It leads me to think that they will only be filming Darker in the spring.

I hope Mr. Foley enjoys chilly February weather in Vancouver BC.

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