Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea on MTV LIVE

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Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea chat on MTV LIVE

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The former tourmates teamed up together on the track, “Black Widow,” which was co-written by another power diva, Katy Perry, off of Iggy’s recently released debut album The New Classic. Iggy and Rita joined forces yet again on Monday (May 5) during “Live From MTV” where they broke down how the collaboration, which was a long time in the making, finally came to life.

“I think we’ve been wanting to collaborate for awhile. We had a few hits and misses, we had a few tries and it was never right. And then Katy sent me ‘Black Widow,’ ” Iggy said. “She had spoken about it for awhile and she said that she wanted to get another female on it and I said you should put Rita on it because she can actually sing and that is rare in our day and it seemed like the obvious choice.”

While the two didn’t physically step in the studio together, it didn’t seem to matter since Rita said the vibe was just right.

“It felt perfect and to have her put me on the album. I was really happy about it,” Rita said. “It’s good when two girls support each other, especially two blondes because they are stronger than one blonde.”

The catchy single is the perfect kiss-off anthem for any failed relationship, but while Iggy may rap about getting revenge on an ex, in real-life she takes a less direct approach.

“I don’t really do anything. I’m more passive aggressive,” Iggy said. “I just like to be you have to see my face everywhere I will haunt you.”

However, the same can’t be said for Rita, who is someone you may never want to have on your bad side.

“I wish I had that patience. I’m more like, ‘He’s just pissed me off. It’s going down,” Rita said. “I would go there harass his whole thing, mess his whole house, completely scratch his car, I’m the worst ex-girlfriend ever.”

The blonde bombshells are both pretty busy at the moment, with Iggy on tour and Rita supporting her latest single, “I Will Never Let You Down,” off her upcoming album. The two plan to make some time to shoot the music video for the catchy “Black Widow.” However, the video will not have a movie theme, much like Iggy’s video for “Fancy,” which paid homage to “Clueless,” but it will be just as creative, and may feature the girls getting a bit physical since Rita revealed that Iggy’s got her training in boot camp to prepare for the shoot.

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