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Jameson House is a high rise condo/business location in the heart of downtown Vancouver BC. On my last visit in August I learned that they used the inside of the building for filming Christian Greys office at Grey House. The exterior/entrance of Grey House was filmed at another building Bentall Tower 5. When I was able to match up the view of the inside of Christians office from the trailer with some inside photos of Jameson House I knew it was the right place. The use of stone, tile, marble and steel were evident in the lobby and several of the condos for sale. What really stood out was the black moldings laid out across the windows. I knew that I really wanted to get a look inside the building to see more.

I contacted Jameson House lobby and was told that I could do photos in the lobby area. When I arrived it was pouring rain and I parked and headed to the lobby. The front of the building blends into the other businesses, but when you look up you see this massive tall building with rounded window corners facing the water and city views. It is a mixed use building with private residence condos and businesses on several floors. I thought that for sure they used one of these floors for the filming of the inside of Grey House.

The first thing I noticed was the gray steel vertical door handles on the glass doors going into the lobby. They seemed identical to the ones on the wood doors into Christian Greys office. I later learned that all throughout Jameson House these glass doors with these handles are on every floor. They redid the door into wood for Christian office. I took lots of photos of the lobby area as it was very close in design to his office. There was a desk area with a concierge and he was very nice and helpful. As I was standing next to his desk there was a white glass wall in front of me that suddenly opened and slid to the right. At first it startled me, then I realized it was on a motion detector. Behind this wall was a narrow hallway of stone and glass. I walked down a few feet and realized I was standing in front of three elevators. They were all steel shiny silver in color. I then remembered the elevator from the trailer and these were identical. I then called my friend trying to be quiet about it, and asked her to look at the trailer and tell me what the elevator looked like. She told me and I knew this was those elevators used in the trailer. I was beyond excited. I took lots of photos as people came and went. I tried to get a photo of the inside of them but it was difficult with people going in and out of them. I did notice on the back of the elevators were several panels of white light.

When I left to the lobby again the concierge then told me more about the filming in the building:

(SPOILER ALERT)   He told me that yes they did film in the building for Christian Greys office interior, but they only spent a few hours there one night. The FSOG production people ended up building a total replica of one the offices from Jameson House onto their film stages at North Shore Studio. They even duplicated the elevators. He said they added much more wood to the decor of his office and the office door as their offices dont have that wood in them. Also that the view out of the window in his office in the trailer is all green screen and not real. When I went back and looked at this I could see he was right as the proportions are just a bit off for the height of the building and the height of the landscape outside of the windows. It was amazing though how the walls around the elevators are exactly as the ones in the trailer. The elevator door is a perfect match too and so are those huge door handles.

They also did use the parking garage for the movie filming. They had Jamie and Dakota walk across the garage from the elevators to his car to leave. I did remember some photos from the night of the filming that his car was there at the building parked on the street.

Thank you to Jameson House for allowing the photos. More photos of Jameson House are in the Photo Gallery.


There is more to see inside the parking garage used for Escala garage.






HD Trailer 0408




These are the glass doors that moved away to reveal the elevators:




There were three elevators. The middle one was the only one with double doors closing to the center.


HD Trailer 1212




They copied these light panels inside the elevator.

HD Trailer 0158

The beautiful Seattle Skyline: Or is it?

HD Trailer 0902

HD Trailer 0480

It is the perfect space for Grey House.







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