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I was fortunate to be invited to spend a few days over New Years Day in Victoria BC with some of my family. Of course I had to add a quick trip to Vancouver BC too. It is just a short 90 minute ferry ride. The weather in Victoria BC was clear and very cold. Once I got here to Vancouver BC it was definitely changing quickly. First day arriving I visited Boundary Bay airport and got an inside look at that huge airplane hanger they filmed in front of  and learned a few surprises I didnt know about.

I also got to Ladner Village Hardware and was lucky to run into the owner of the store. While telling me about the FSOG filming he took out his phone and showed me photos of how they rearranged the store for the filming. He also showed and shared with me all they did for the filming and where it took place.

My second day out we raced across the downtown area starting at The Fairmont. What a difference a few months makes. They have been under renovations each time I have come here this year. This was the biggest change with new carpets, light features and the new dining room area almost ready to open. I did get to walk through the ballroom again and see more of it than before. Also got back into the bedroom suite used for the filming.

Next up was Bentall 5 used as Grey house. Then a quick walk to the two downtown locations used for the reshoots. It was great to be able to walk on the areas they filmed on.

I also visited Beaver Lake once again and saw more of the pathway and the bridge used in the trailer with the R8. Also stopped by the Paper Hound book shop and the coffee house Rainier Provisions where I was able to get inside for photos.

Last stop of the day was the Burrards Iron works where they filmed the bar scene that is seen in the trailer. I knew that the front door entrance on the street was not the one used for filming, but I did not know where that entrance door was. Today I was able to walk down the driveway road to the back area of the building and found the doorway area where they filmed. I also so on the back of the building where it was covered for the filming but now was clear. I took lots of pics and then went around to the other side of the railroad tracks and then was able to see into the large space they used inside for the filming. There are two businesses in the building and it was lit up so I could get some decent photos.

Here is a few photos from my visit so far and I will try to get updates done later this week. Lots more stories, photos and videos to share.

“Are You Free?”

Fifty Shades of Grey - Official Trailer (HD) 1327


Check out the blue and white cords off to the right.



Fifty Shades of Grey - Official Trailer (HD) 1368



Inside the Fairmont Vancouver.




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