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Cecil Green House Filming The Meadow:
The Cecil Green House at UBC was used for filming for Fifty Shades Freed as Christian and Ana’s new home in Seattle. The Fifty Shades Freed production crew first filmed at Cecil Green House in mid April. They filmed for two days including the front entrance, inside main floor and the gravel entrance driveway leading to the house front entrance. They planned to return to the house for filming on June 1, which actually took place the night before on May 31. While filming at the Fraser Shipyards on May 31st we heard that they were going to set up that evening for early morning filming the next day at Cecil Green. Several fans, including myself, drove by the house in the early evening and saw that they were setting up the trucks and equipment for filming. A lot of equipment was getting moved from the Fraser Shipyards to the house parking area.

The next morning, May 31st, when I arrived early I found that most of the trucks were gone and there were just a few of the crew around the house. I was told that they had moved up the filming to the night before because of a change in the weather as rain was expected that morning. The funny thing was, it was a mostly sunny morning. So they may have moved the filming for security/privacy or because of the weather.

When I arrived the early morning after the filming I was able to spot several things from the filming. This included crew signs, several large trees waiting to be taken away, many large bushes to be hauled away and a lot of lighting and equipment around the grounds. The filming must have started late and gone late into the night/early morning. It was easy to see where they had filmed because of where equipment was left and also where the grass was worn away. There was also a pile of dirt on the grass in the back area. I was able to take photos and walk around the property.
My friend was there just after me and snapped some photos and videos of the area. After we compared what we saw that morning we decided that the filming was done on the back lawn by the pond and also possibly in a smaller grassy area just west behind the house. The extra trees and bushes were used for filler and also to block off the east end of the property.

The grounds around Cecil Green are extensive and are used for many functions. This seems to be the perfect setting for the new Grey home in Seattle overlooking the water. It is going to be exciting to see this beautiful location on the big screen in Fifty Shades Freed.

You can see more of the filming at Cecil Green here:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

More information about the Cecil Green Park House can be found at their website. 

More photos of Cecil Green can be found here. 

Here is video and photos taken the morning after the filming was completed. Thank you to CG for her photos and video.



These photos are from another day at the garden areas surrounding the Cecil Green House including the back area used for the meadow filming.

This is the view off the back area of the home directly overlooking the area filmed as the meadow:

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