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It was a magical night wholly immersed in Darker. After leaving the Masquerade Ball we were transported to the Ace Theater next to the Ace Hotel. Both of these locations are true vintage old world Hollywood. The Red Carpet for the movie premiere was set up in a parking lot next to the Ace Hotel. It looked to be for press access only as we were told to enter the theater. There was a line up of fans outside the theater entrance.

After entering the theater I noticed there were fans also going upstairs to the balcony areas. I recognized several production people on the way through the lobby including John Schwartzman. We soon found our seats and quickly realized that several of the other actors and production people were seated close in front us. This included Kim Bassinger, Eloise Mumford, Victor Rasuk, Marcus Viscidi and several more.

I was able to take some video and photos but quality was poor because of the lighting. After most people were inside the theater then James Foley and E. L. James came on stage followed by Jamie and Dakota. James Foley spoke a few minutes thanking fans and also recognizing all the other actors in the audience.

After they left the stage the movie soon started and we were all transported into Darker.

After the movie finished everyone was mingling and heading towards the front entrance. I was lucky enough to meet with Production Designer Nelson Coates and Costume Designer Shay Cudliffe. This was really a dream come true for me. Their first question was “How did you like it” and we continued to chat from there.

Earlier in the afternoon we visited the hotel and theater and were able to take some set up photos of the red carpet. While sitting in the hotel restaurant we soon discovered that the Darker actors were in the hotel preparing for the red carpet evening.

It was such an emotional experience watching the scenes on the big screen and taking it all in.

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