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The first Fifty Shades Darker trailer was recently released and caused a rush of fans to watch it, over and over. This soon contributed to record breaking results for Universal with the trailer being viewed online 114 million times in the first 24 hours. That’s a lot of “Crazy In Love”.

The trailer takes fans on a quick overview of many of the book locations and events including the highly anticipated Masquerade Ball. I was actually quite surprised at how much of this they revealed with the lavish costumes, masks and the “Cirque Du Soleil “ type of décor. Other book events included the sailing with The Grace, the proposal, the Art Gallery, Charlie Tango crash and the Jack Hyde attack at Ana’s office SIP. The trailer ends with the scene in Ana’s apartment with Ana and Leila.

My first impression of the trailer was a sense of darkness and mystery with the added presence of Jack Hyde and Leila at several locations. During the filming it was noticed that these two characters definitely had more screen time than in the books and it is already easy to see this in the new trailer. There is also a sense of more deep rich color tones throughout the trailer including the clothing for Ana and Christian and even her makeup and hair.

My review and new pics from the 2nd Trailer additions are here. 

There were several new rooms seen in the trailer that were added to Escala. Each of these new areas had a different feeling than the rooms we saw in the first movie. The walls and woodwork in the new Christian office, gym and Ana’s closet area all have warm tones to go along with the warmer furnishings. These are in contrast to the cool white walls and glass/gold modern furnishings in Escala in the first movie. I would bet that all the first movies spaces inside Escala will also have a new look.

It is also very interesting to see the new dressing room/closet area which seems to be in Ana’s bedroom, has a white grid like glass wall behind Christian. This grid type of designed wall definitely ties in with the walls in the entryway of Escala and the Red Room.




You can’t help but notice the new image of Christian looking out the window in his new office in Escala and how the image ties into the iconic first images we saw of him at the windows of his office in Grey House. The Fifty Shades Darker book story definitely spends a lot of time inside Escala.




Here is a list of the new/old locations from the first trailer and my behind the scenes filming articles on each.

Just click on the name and it will take you to the bts filming article.

Fireworks filmed at Stearman Beach
SIP Ana’s office Interior
Audi Q7 Arrival at Masquerade Ball
Grey Mansion filmed at Casa Mia Masquerade Ball
Ana’s Seattle apartment White Roses
Coal Harbor Ana walking
The Port Gallery in Seattle
Pool House proposal at Rio Vista
Sailing The Grace
Dinner together at Water Street Café
Ana’s Seattle apartment bedroom
SIP Ana’s office interior
Grey Mansion Masquerade Ball
Escala parking garage filmed at Anvil Center
Charlie Tango crash
Grey Mansion Masquerade Ball
SIP Ana’s office front exterior
Ana’s Seattle apartment with Leila


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